Empowering people to become the best version of themselves.


Be a successful and positive mogul.  Create a platform to help individuals from all walks of life.  Guide people with healthy and effective tools to elevate them in all areas of their life.  Collectively we can uplift, build, support, and reach higher levels in our lives.  A positive mindset will unlock great opportunities.  Don't limit yourself to who others think you should be, always be out  of the box in order to create your legacy!  A solid foundation builds a thriving Empire...


Meet Stephanie Sterling:

Stephanie Sterling was born to become a successful entrepreneur.  Her passion for others shines in every aspect of her life. Growing up in Greenville, South Carolina, Stephanie developed a deep love for people that translates into a protective instinct to help others on all levels.  Whether she is giving advice, being a listening ear, volunteering her time to her community, or just being there for her loved ones as well as strangers she come across who needs her help and support.  Driven and ambitious is something she has always been since her childhood years. Always excelling in school by making good grades, she excelled on all levels in school with little assistance.  She has always been naturally gifted to be self-motivated.  Stephanie strived to have the grades it would take to obtain a top-level college education, and her decision to major in business was part of her master plan to own multiple businesses.  She graduated from the University of South Carolina Upstate with a BA in Business Administration and Management.



Currently Stephanie is the founder of KidzFusion, a mobile kid’s fitness program designed especially for Upstate children to help them overcome obesity and other weight-related issues.  Her goal is to combat childhood obesity so that in turn, it will defeat adult obesity. The plan and vision are to start locally with those she can immediately help, and eventually scale her initiatives to a much larger National level; changing the lives of children one family at a time.  She volunteers her time in the community by working with nonprofit organizations such as Our Hidden Treasures Inc and other local causes.


Being a fitness instructor for kids was just the beginning.  As she continues to build her legacy, being an author will open other doors for her to continue to help others not only on a National level but an International level as well.  Her book, Fatherless Success, will allow her to help others who suffered from similar hardships of life due to the lack of a parent, whether a father or mother, being absent growing up.  Now her story can help her empower others; and continue to be a mentor to not only children, but adults as well.  Stephanie looks forward to being your support system and showing you that you are not alone in your process of healing and overcoming adversity in life.